Prince of Peace Ministry International Support Programme
  • The Ministry is currently supporting several  needy children to access education by paying school fees for them. We Intend to build 7 Orphanages within Kenya in the next 5 Years.The purpose of the Orphanages is to give needy Children quality life and Quality Education. Each Orphanage will be developed on 10 acres piece of Land.
  • We plan to build up to 100 cottages,a school and a community centre on the land. Each cottage will act as an individual home, running us a family with up to 7 children (boys and girls) and a care giver mum. Each cottage will comprise of four bedrooms with bathrooms, a bedroom for the care giver, living area, dining room, kitchen, store and laundry.
  • There will also be a two storey community centre with eight training classroom, a library, computer room, TV/DVD room and a  medical clinic/store downstairs and an office and volunteer wing upstairs. Eventually we would like to run educational class not only for our children and staff, but for the community as well.
  • There will also be a large playing field, a small poultry farm and a communal shamba (farm) with crops such as maize, cabbage, spinach, potatoes, carrots, bananas, and avocado and orange trees. As time progress, we would like to manage and sell our crops and eggs to provide us with more funding.


  • The children who will come to our centre will be vetted to ascertain the very needy and deserving cases .The criteria of selecting the children  will be that of Identifying  those who lost their families due to ill health, death, or abandonment and those who have run away from their families due to the abuse and desperation within their own homes, or  those who  are simply lost.
  • The number of children who need assistance is growing by the day as more are more people join the urban centre from neighboring

After all avenues of tracing for their parents or relatives to care for the children have been exhausted, we  will take these children into our homes and care for them as if they were our own.

We intend to build schools that will run from grade 1 to 8 which  will offer primary education and later on Secondary education.Once we have built the school ,we intend to supplement our expenses by incorporating paying students  who will be drown from various parts of Kenya.

We will provide everything a child needs to prepare themselves to gain the most they can out of life. Counseling will be a high priority as these children have been through more hardship than most of us can imagine.