about Prince of Peace Ministry International

Who We Are

Started in 2006 in Eldoret town (Kenya) Prince of Peace Children Centre is a dream that Dr. Constantine Mwadime and his Nancy had cherished for many years. Since inception the Ministry continues to provide meals, uniforms and School fees to several needy Children in Several Parts of Kenya. We begun the centre with 10 children and slowly expanded the number to 500 across the Country that we support. These children ,most of whom are orphaned by HIV or abandoned by their parents get support from Prince of Peace Ministries and in some occasions we provide clothing to the ones with dire need of clothing.
Since we are a faith based organization, we uphold bible principles in all we do; we also emphasize prayers, spiritual guidance and counseling.

Our Vision

To provide a stable foundation that is rooted in education and health care for orphaned, vulnerable, deprived and destitute children who have lost their Parents. We will provide a loving and safe, family environment that enables children the right to a happy, educated, skilled and healthy life.

Aims and Objectives

• Provide love, food, shelter, clothing, education, safe drinking water, medical care and career opportunities to orphaned, deprived and destitute children
• Help cut down the number of orphaned and street children in the Kenyan society
• Reduce HIV/AIDS related cases, through education and prevention
• Improve access to education for underprivileged children, by building and running schools
• Help children who are not academically inclined to acquire technical skills, which will allow them to support themselves in the future
• Develop a close working relationship with Government Rescue centres and children’s Homes in order to help provide the local community with the fundamentals needed in their society.


• Build a home that and raise, nurture and re-habilitate children, aged 2 and above.
• Employee trained, knowledgeable and caring staff to guide the children down the right paths
• Buy and utilize the land in a way that it will become self-sustainable by growing our own crops, buy milking cows, install a rainwater tank and by creating a poultry farm
• Create an NGO (non-government organization) that will provide a volunteer program, child sponsorship program and also to assist in fundraising
• Gain constant sources of funding to maintain the project.

Become A Volunteer

When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health, increase access to food, grow local sio economies, and help kids.

Board of Directors